bye bye sequim….

December 5, 2009

Nice breakfast, once again.  Mountains are performing to the best of their ability….. I’m saying ta ta for now. Some lovely people here.  Many local, many transplants.  This weekend is supposed to stay below freezing. Kinda glad to be leaving in those circumstances.

See you soon, those of you in Sacramento.  Others….. anon.



feeling queasy…

December 5, 2009

After the show on Thursday, I felt exhausted, went home and wanted to take a nap.  Instead of that, I packed away the fabric pieces in the large suitcase, and took it to the UPS place for shipping.  What a relief.  As of yesterday, I shipped two boxes and two suitcases.  Half of what I shipped has arrived in Sacramento.  On the flight I will carry my laptop and a sweater I found at the foot of the bed!

It’s 8am.  Going to have a leisurely breakfast somewhere as yet undetermined.  Then it’s off to Seattle by car.  Might take three hours from here.  Then a wait for my afternoon flight.  I’ll people watch, snooze, surf, and…..

I’ll write about the show when I get home, as the photos are in the camera and the cord is in the suitcase. The best laid plans……

It’s been a fascinating two weeks — a time to process the experience is at hand.


off to Sequim….

November 29, 2009

My second trip to Sequim is about to take place.  The weather to some would be gloomy and drizzly.  To me it is Washington.  Glad I’m leaving today, as last night there arrived a couple and a small wailing child who, as it turned out, wailed through the evening and again this morning.  It is quiet now.  They must have gone out for the day, or possibly just for breakfast.  

I am going downstairs to check out, send someone up for my bags, then will start the monumental drive to Sequim — 40 miles?

I met a woman yesterday who was a checker at the local grocery store.  She has never been out of the county, let alone to California.  She said she would probably not recognize it even when she got there. Totally serious, she was.  Yesterday stopped at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store.  Found a few objects d’art I couldn’t leave there as well as a lovely pink beaded medallion necklace made with tiny seed beads — you know the kind I don’t use any more because I can’t see well enough to use them — for an absolute steal of a price.  If it’s open today, I’ll go back and get the one with an American eagle on it.  The woman had just put them in the case that day, saying that they were from the estate of a very well-known, recently deceased Native-American woman from Neah Bay.  She had donated many things to Habitat for Humanity.  I tell you, some of the things in that store are amazingly priced, especially the furniture.  There are tables that people would give hundreds of dollars for in California that are on sale here for only a hundred dollars.  

Of course, I need no furniture, but if I ever lived near here, would go hastily to that store for my stuff.

Ok.  Going now.  Will most likely stop in Kala Point for a last breakfast at the Dream City Market and Cafe.  Looking forward to that.  Then on to Sequim, where I will find my little house and do my laundry, and even pack some stuff to send home.  That will be the fun part, realizing that my load will be much lighter on the way back.  Might even send stuff around Wednesday (to my son to be sure someone is there to receive it) and lighten the load even more!

I like things like that.

Here are some details of a piece called ‘competition’.

And more….. the piece is about 2.5′ x 3′.  The portions here are 7-8″ swatches.

I may even show the whole piece one day.

On my way.  Hope your day is to your liking.

Later……….. from Sequim.

That’s not my usual deal, but I may have to give in to it.  Returned the two items to the respective stores.  In looking at the second item, a pair of black pants, I saw that the size was mismarked on that one too.  First time in a long time that’s happened to me, and not twice in two days?  I ended up trading the black pants for a much more useful pair, and the shirt for another shirt.   Even.

I stopped at OSH because I gave my awl away, and never replaced it.  Why now?  Because neither of the other stores had opened when I got there.  Nearly ran someone off the road….. decided to get some eggplant and tofu at Panda Express on the way home.  Got some fresh steamed veggies with it.  The eggplant was excellent.  I usually crave a carbonated drink after Chinese food.  Why?  Heck if I know.

Laundry is done.  Now I will choose what to take with me, bearing in mind the temperatures in Port Townsend are in the mid 40s, and will be and is today pouring rain. I always take too many clothing items.  16 days….. what do you say?  I’ll figure that out when I see just how much space is left after packing the fabrics and supplies!

Luckily, while there, I will be using a sewing machine from Karen’s place in Sequim.  I’ll get that on the Saturday after I get there next Friday.  You know, I enjoy writing this, but you may find it tedious to read.  You do have a choice!

Before putting sheets back on the bed, I will lay out all of the fabric pieces just to see what I am considering taking.  I found the piece I made of my Oklahoma grandma.  It shows her hanging her dresses on to the clothesline.  She is on her tippy toes, and long black hair is hanging down in very long braids.  There are miniclothes pins holding her dresses on the line.  Even the background, stripes down the sides, and backing are all from her dresses.

Check it out.  Size is about 2’x3′.  This is just a small portion of it.

at the clothesline

Going out again.  I’ll get a small bottle of something carbonated, then come home and go through the sewing supplies I am going to take.