feeling queasy…

December 5, 2009

After the show on Thursday, I felt exhausted, went home and wanted to take a nap.  Instead of that, I packed away the fabric pieces in the large suitcase, and took it to the UPS place for shipping.  What a relief.  As of yesterday, I shipped two boxes and two suitcases.  Half of what I shipped has arrived in Sacramento.  On the flight I will carry my laptop and a sweater I found at the foot of the bed!

It’s 8am.  Going to have a leisurely breakfast somewhere as yet undetermined.  Then it’s off to Seattle by car.  Might take three hours from here.  Then a wait for my afternoon flight.  I’ll people watch, snooze, surf, and…..

I’ll write about the show when I get home, as the photos are in the camera and the cord is in the suitcase. The best laid plans……

It’s been a fascinating two weeks — a time to process the experience is at hand.



fark and a half, man……

November 25, 2009

Ok, what the hell am I doing here?  Today is the “I want to go home” day I always have about one week into an exploratory vacation.  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  The rain is sprinkling.  I am drinking coffee.  Good grief. 

Not one silly stitch on the fabric project today; certainly am not getting it out tonight.  I do love having the wi-fi in this place (which will remain nameless until I get back to Sacramento.  I’ll see friends tomorrow. That should help pull me out of this funkified moment.

Now THIS made me laugh — vaguely related to funkifiedness….

I tell ya.

Ok.  Getting better by the minute.  Finally I am getting a chance to watch the food network.  I have missed it.  And even some HGTV.  Even watched a little bit of the Hallmark channel.  What was I thinking?

Off outta here around 8:30 or 9 tomorrow.  Taking the ferry across the Puget Sound.  Too many feast invitations this year.  Maybe the Sequim one will be for dinner some time next week!  

I’m rambling…… hmmm…..


it’s Wednesday…

November 18, 2009

Yes, there is one full day on Thursday before I head out for the adventure in Port Townsend.  I will have dinner with my son tonight — yes another dinner out!  Then the plan is for me to bury myself in chores tonight, avoiding all distraction.  There’s no issue with which fabric pieces to take.  I will take all I can get my hands on!

There is an amazing number of songs whipping through my brain right now.  Here’s one:

They were so young.  I’m sure they could never have predicted what would be in 2009.

Did this one for a competition at a fabric store.  Challenge was to use a certain designer’s fabric. I bought bits of 28 fabrics, used them all + a few silks (they said it was ok) then lost the game to a lovely tailored jacket.  Oh well.

I’ll write more when I have eaten dinner.