yesterday’s sun…

December 2, 2009

Yes, it was amazingly sunny here yesterday.  The mountains were obscured by some meteorological phenomenon.  Today, I look outside to the north, and see a majestic mountain from the chair I have adopted as my own.  I have had several naps here while resting my eyes from all of the beading work.  It is much smarter than just doing as I would like, and go until I get sleepy or hungry.  So, I’ve changed my patterns while here, and hope it is saving my vision at the same time.  

Here’s a view of me in the sun yesterday, beads and needle in hand.

It got so hot at one point that I had to retreat to another part of the house for a few minutes.  I should be so lucky.  It was actually invigorating…. hmmm…. an odd thing for me to say?  Yep.

Today, I was up and working at the fabric table at 6am, before dawn.

It’s nearly 8am.  I’ve had tea and toast again.  Excellent.  Here’s a quick snap from the integrated camera. This is the view I was talking about.  The mountain is in the distance — waaaaaay back there!  Of course, it looks much better from my eye point.

Back to the matter at hand….. the 100 Hearts piece.



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