Nearly kissed the ground at the airport, but thought better of it when I realized I’d have a struggle getting back up off the ground.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a glorious time.  I was just ready to get back to my own bed and all that!

Wrote that first part on December 5 — the night I got home.  Boy oh boy was I surprised at the weather.  For the last three days, I have awakened to sub-freezing weather in Sacramento.  What?  In Sacramento?  Yes, indeedie.  We have finally joined the ranks of the bitter cold.  I have always wanted to leave this town due to the extreme heat in the summertime.  Now I have to add the extreme cold (without snow and blasting icy temps of those of you further east.  I guess it’s Fiji or the Bahamas for me.  We’ll see.  The universe will prevail, as usual.

I learned a lot.  I gave a lot.  I got an amazing boost in my fabric life.  The preparation for, lead up to, and moments prior to the show were surreal and freaky.  I completed a huge project in red, blue, orange and purple (and a little pink).  I used found objects, beads and fabrics all purchased in Washington.  Rather than doing the ancestral-related project I had planned and had taken all the elements for, I was so in awe of the first view of the snow capped mountains, that I saw something that I had to start the evening I went to Sequim the first time — the day after I arrived in Washington.

The piece has more than one name.  100 hearts…… dragon breath……. dragon’s heart……… oh geez.  I can’t wait until Janet sees it.  She’s my #1 interpreter of my fabric pieces.

A few things:

my living room, as of today, is a wreck.  two suitcases along with two large boxes……… which finally arrived…… the contents are all over the place.  Have had zero time to unpack.  I’m not worried.  Saturday will be here soon.

the water where I was seemed so still.  Major realization is that I truly love the flow of a river rather than the ocean or a bay or a lake.  Hah!

I might need the heat of the sun during what everyone called “arthritis time of year” at this time.  I sat inside the little house in Sequim the one day the sun shon all day; sat by the window in the sun as long as I could.

I’m tired from the whole trip.  No, I’m tired from the preparation for the trip, the stress of travel and other things that I will go into within the next new days.

Right now, I’m still cold, even after two cups of hot tea and a bowl of veggie stew I made a couple of days ago.  My solution…. I’m going into my bedroom to get really warm under my wonderful comforter, then get up later when warm and put away a few items so that on Saturday there will be 3 items less to put away!





bye bye sequim….

December 5, 2009

Nice breakfast, once again.  Mountains are performing to the best of their ability….. I’m saying ta ta for now. Some lovely people here.  Many local, many transplants.  This weekend is supposed to stay below freezing. Kinda glad to be leaving in those circumstances.

See you soon, those of you in Sacramento.  Others….. anon.


feeling queasy…

December 5, 2009

After the show on Thursday, I felt exhausted, went home and wanted to take a nap.  Instead of that, I packed away the fabric pieces in the large suitcase, and took it to the UPS place for shipping.  What a relief.  As of yesterday, I shipped two boxes and two suitcases.  Half of what I shipped has arrived in Sacramento.  On the flight I will carry my laptop and a sweater I found at the foot of the bed!

It’s 8am.  Going to have a leisurely breakfast somewhere as yet undetermined.  Then it’s off to Seattle by car.  Might take three hours from here.  Then a wait for my afternoon flight.  I’ll people watch, snooze, surf, and…..

I’ll write about the show when I get home, as the photos are in the camera and the cord is in the suitcase. The best laid plans……

It’s been a fascinating two weeks — a time to process the experience is at hand.


off to the show!

December 3, 2009

on my way to Karen’s for this morning’s trunk show.  More when I return……

Car’s covered with a heavy frost at 9:10am.  


yesterday’s sun…

December 2, 2009

Yes, it was amazingly sunny here yesterday.  The mountains were obscured by some meteorological phenomenon.  Today, I look outside to the north, and see a majestic mountain from the chair I have adopted as my own.  I have had several naps here while resting my eyes from all of the beading work.  It is much smarter than just doing as I would like, and go until I get sleepy or hungry.  So, I’ve changed my patterns while here, and hope it is saving my vision at the same time.  

Here’s a view of me in the sun yesterday, beads and needle in hand.

It got so hot at one point that I had to retreat to another part of the house for a few minutes.  I should be so lucky.  It was actually invigorating…. hmmm…. an odd thing for me to say?  Yep.

Today, I was up and working at the fabric table at 6am, before dawn.

It’s nearly 8am.  I’ve had tea and toast again.  Excellent.  Here’s a quick snap from the integrated camera. This is the view I was talking about.  The mountain is in the distance — waaaaaay back there!  Of course, it looks much better from my eye point.

Back to the matter at hand….. the 100 Hearts piece.


slept late…

December 1, 2009

Woke up at 7:30am.  Usually, it’s 5:30am.  Jumped up, went to the batroom and took a shower.  I always feel a little uncertain when I am using an unfamiliar shower…. what if it gets too hot suddenly, and I reach for the controls and turn it hotter?  Or the reverse, which usually causes a scream and a shudder?

Hair washed, body clean, sitting here in the living room in two towels – one on body, one on head to start hair drying process.  Going to get dressed and sit down at the fabric table.  Anxious to get going.  Ready to finish and get on to the next thing.  When I get home on Sunday, I will begin a series of clay pieces.  The hands need the touch of the clay, and I need the smell of it.

Breakfast at the place down the street about 10.  Then I’ll take the sewing machine and iron and ruler back to Karen’s Sequim Sewing Center so that I won’t have to think about it on Thursday — which is rapidly approaching.  Need to also find the UPS store for shipping items.  Does this ever end?

I’ve been working for about an hour and a half.  Hand lotion, then breakfast.  

Sun is shining here in Sequim.  A treat.  It’s still cold, though.