what a day!

November 30, 2009

I’m loving this place.  Once I got it cooled down last night, it was very pleasant and comfortable.  Sequim is a small town.  An odd mixture of posh shops, a salute to the ordinary, and a splash of the necessities of gas stations, home depot, McDonalds (representing the fast food contingency) and a few schools.

After working for a while this morning, I remembered that I didn’t find my deodorant when I unpacked last night.  So, that warranted a trip to the store after I had worked for a while.  It was raining gently this morning.  Went into a hardware store and got a couple of tiny things for the kitchen at home, then on to the post office to get a couple of flat rate boxes, which are too small to do me any good.  Maybe I’ll send 10 little boxes instead of one large one!  Need to send some bead stuff, fabric, batting, and some clothing unnecessary after Wednesday.  

Remembered that I wanted to get some bread at a new bread store.  Looked up the address and found that it was quite close.  Got in the car, since it was still raining, and found that Bell Street was the next one down from mine.  And, funnily enough, the bakery was about a two minute walk from my little place, as was a knitting shop called The Dropped Stitch.  I drove around a bit more to justify taking the car out. Found the restaurant that gave the $10 gift certificate was about a two minute walk the other way!  Not to mention the couple of thrift stores on the way there.

Planning to stay in all day tomorrow to work on the fabric piece.  Getting dangerously close to completion. I might go out about 10 or 10:30 and treat myself to breakfast at the place down the street, then come back and get to work.  I always look forward to this time in a fabric piece.  Nearing the end, and knowing what the end will be.  I like that.

Eyes and body tired tonight.  Hoping for a less overcast day tomorrow.  Got a pillow today at Penney’s. The ones here are quite firm and not too pleasant.  Gotta go to sleep now.  Be back in the morning for an update.

This trip must seem a bit calm and uneventful to many of you.  



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