fark and a half, man……

November 25, 2009

Ok, what the hell am I doing here?  Today is the “I want to go home” day I always have about one week into an exploratory vacation.  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  The rain is sprinkling.  I am drinking coffee.  Good grief. 

Not one silly stitch on the fabric project today; certainly am not getting it out tonight.  I do love having the wi-fi in this place (which will remain nameless until I get back to Sacramento.  I’ll see friends tomorrow. That should help pull me out of this funkified moment.

Now THIS made me laugh — vaguely related to funkifiedness….

I tell ya.

Ok.  Getting better by the minute.  Finally I am getting a chance to watch the food network.  I have missed it.  And even some HGTV.  Even watched a little bit of the Hallmark channel.  What was I thinking?

Off outta here around 8:30 or 9 tomorrow.  Taking the ferry across the Puget Sound.  Too many feast invitations this year.  Maybe the Sequim one will be for dinner some time next week!  

I’m rambling…… hmmm…..



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