productive in fabric….

November 23, 2009

I changed my project so radically, that I had to name it.  Today it is called dragon breath.  Not stinky, but fire filled and hot.  Ready to apply the borders.  Tomorrow it may be renamed 100 hearts. Found a wonderful bead store in Port Townsend today.  Bitterly cold and windy, but a parking place found within less than 100 feet.  Also found a choice item for the focal point of this piece.  No more about it right now. As you know, with the change of project came a change in colors, so finding the bead store was fortuitous.  Time to sew.  Time to find out where I will set up the sewing machine loaned to me by Karen of Karen’s Sequim Sewing Center.  Everyone is very obliging.  I think that they realize that good customer service breeds repeat customers. 

Karen’s is truly a full service shop in a tiny town with lots of fabric devotees.  Business was cooking on the day I was there for a couple of hours while she perused my fabric stuff.  She says the shop is tiny, but it is mighty.  There are even small pieces of silk in small packages.  More than I could have asked for!

I can smell dinner.  I am so fortunate to have a friend who is a cook as well.  Yummy smells.

May be back later.  Keep forgetting to take photos!



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