Lovely country, this….

November 22, 2009

Ok, so I have been out of touch with the world for a couple of days.  Staying with a friend in Port Ludlow rather than staying at the place I was supposed to stay.  Won’t say much about that until I get home — or at least a short distance away!

I’ve been quite productive — yes creative freedom has struck.  I have a lovely table under a wonderful light.  My project has changed from a memory of my great grandmother, grandmother and mother, to a bright red, orange and purple mandala sort of deal, rather like the pink piece below in a previous writing.  Talk about drastic change. 

It all happened on the way to Sequim yesterday.  The red and white just wasn’t doing anything, and as soon as I walked into the fabric store there, I was drawn to the orange and purple things.  I do know that my mom loved orange, my great grandma loved red, and grandma loved all things bright and beautiful.  So perhaps this is for them, just in a slightly different format.  It is called 100 hearts, for the 100 tiny hearts that will be a part of the fabric piece.  I have quite a lot done on it, and have yet to decide what will go in the center of the mandala, since I don’t plan to go all the way to the center of this mandala.

When I get the camera out, I will take a photo of it, so that you can witness progress…. and perhaps even process.

Going back to it for now, since my little drive out this afternoon flooded my brain with warmth and beauty.  I love looking through the trees out into the waters of the Puget Sound and Straits of San Juan de Fuca, not to mention the snow-capped mountains.  Certainly beauty of a different sort than that of where I live in California.

It’s dark.  Going to work.  It’s great to be so far away from work, my little apartment, and all that sort of thing…except for my son.  I already miss the odd dinner or breakfast at the local joint down the road.  And believe it or not, I didn’t cook in my kitchen before I left.  Two whole weeks.  Though I did use the microwave for popcorn once.

See you soon.



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