I suppose you’re wondering….

November 18, 2009

why this blog is called “the closer you get.”

I am ready to reveal the reason.

My friend Janet loves to see new pieces that I’ve made.  She peruses them from a distance, gives her impression, then moves closer.  She never fails me in her statements, by including the phrase “the closer you get…..” repeatedly.

In one of my pottery pieces, she saw the image of a Seussian Who.  In my estimation, it was merely an incised pot with a variety of patterns.  By golly, she was correct.  Now every time I see that vase, I think that it’s the Who vase.  

In red black and white above, she saw aliens being drawn into the central sphere.  The cinnabar pieces in the corners have silver beads and red glass radiating inward.  Those had a significant meaning in her mind.  Sometimes she doesn’t share it all.  A day before her interpretation, a psychiatrist had passed by my workspace several times before he stopped to ask if he could peruse the piece.  He saw a native American theme….. feathers, shields and more.  Then, of course, there are the little bells from India surrounded by a dropped loop of red beads.  Several people said, “Why?”  I shrug my shoulders nearly every time.  Everyone utters, “The closer you get…..”

So, my current string of pieces is called just that.

I finished packing tonight.  Actually the suitcase with the fabric pieces closed nicely.  The other one with clothing and sewing supplies is bursting and not yet closed.  I have had to reassess my clothing situation, deciding that informal will be my trademark while away.  If I go anywhere necessitating dressup clothing, well, I’ll just have to be casual.

The whole deal is quite amusing to me.  I’ll wear the bulkiest outfit on the plane and carry my rain coat.  My biggest dilemma is that I will not be able to take as many pairs of undies as I had wished. I guess a visit to the laundromat is in order in a week or so.

See I told you that this might be too much information.  Going to bed right now.

Glad that Washington is in the same time zone as California.  (yawn)



One Response to “I suppose you’re wondering….”

  1. kate Says:

    From the photo I was getting the aboriginal feel. So you have created something that gives all a sense of extra ordinary.

    Washington dressy is still casual. Your wardrobe will cover it all fine. You always look great. A pair of fancy earrings or a scarf covers elevates “casual” to “dressy” up there. Definitely something I love about Washington.

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