what a day!

November 30, 2009

I’m loving this place.  Once I got it cooled down last night, it was very pleasant and comfortable.  Sequim is a small town.  An odd mixture of posh shops, a salute to the ordinary, and a splash of the necessities of gas stations, home depot, McDonalds (representing the fast food contingency) and a few schools.

After working for a while this morning, I remembered that I didn’t find my deodorant when I unpacked last night.  So, that warranted a trip to the store after I had worked for a while.  It was raining gently this morning.  Went into a hardware store and got a couple of tiny things for the kitchen at home, then on to the post office to get a couple of flat rate boxes, which are too small to do me any good.  Maybe I’ll send 10 little boxes instead of one large one!  Need to send some bead stuff, fabric, batting, and some clothing unnecessary after Wednesday.  

Remembered that I wanted to get some bread at a new bread store.  Looked up the address and found that it was quite close.  Got in the car, since it was still raining, and found that Bell Street was the next one down from mine.  And, funnily enough, the bakery was about a two minute walk from my little place, as was a knitting shop called The Dropped Stitch.  I drove around a bit more to justify taking the car out. Found the restaurant that gave the $10 gift certificate was about a two minute walk the other way!  Not to mention the couple of thrift stores on the way there.

Planning to stay in all day tomorrow to work on the fabric piece.  Getting dangerously close to completion. I might go out about 10 or 10:30 and treat myself to breakfast at the place down the street, then come back and get to work.  I always look forward to this time in a fabric piece.  Nearing the end, and knowing what the end will be.  I like that.

Eyes and body tired tonight.  Hoping for a less overcast day tomorrow.  Got a pillow today at Penney’s. The ones here are quite firm and not too pleasant.  Gotta go to sleep now.  Be back in the morning for an update.

This trip must seem a bit calm and uneventful to many of you.  



Awake and raring to go…

November 30, 2009

I’ve had a hot drink, some wheat toast and lime and blueberry jam with bread made from Port Townsend flour.  Geez, that was good.  Yes, I’m going to start making bread again if I can find a good flour in Sacramento.

This fabric day will begin with plugging in the iPod and the tiny baby speakers and listening to Wind Up Bird Chronicle.  When I told friends the other day that I was at the point where he was looking for the cat, they laughed and said, “He looks for the cat through the whole book!”  I’m game.  Off to that reddish fabric piece I previewed below.  I’d like to have it completed or close to completed when I do the trunk show on Thursday morning.  

It’s time to work.  I’ll be back.


new digs….

November 29, 2009

I’ve been in my new digs in Sequim for 5 hours.  It’s a real house with a real tv, and real internet, and a cd player, washer and dryer (already used tonight), real kitchen and lovely bathroom with bathtub and shower.  I could live here — really.  Had a cup of hot chocolate a while ago with a piece of toast.  The fabric is on the table waiting for me.  I am just too tired tonight.

Here’s a tiny portion of the new project. Not the red and white I had intended to do when I first got here. First day here in Sequim, and the project changed drastically.  More as it gets closer to completion.  It is called 100 hearts.  If you count all of the hearts, there will be 100. A challenge for the person looking at it.

That’s your sneak peak for tonight.

Now, I’m going to sit in that big chair over there, and watch tv.


off to Sequim….

November 29, 2009

My second trip to Sequim is about to take place.  The weather to some would be gloomy and drizzly.  To me it is Washington.  Glad I’m leaving today, as last night there arrived a couple and a small wailing child who, as it turned out, wailed through the evening and again this morning.  It is quiet now.  They must have gone out for the day, or possibly just for breakfast.  

I am going downstairs to check out, send someone up for my bags, then will start the monumental drive to Sequim — 40 miles?

I met a woman yesterday who was a checker at the local grocery store.  She has never been out of the county, let alone to California.  She said she would probably not recognize it even when she got there. Totally serious, she was.  Yesterday stopped at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store.  Found a few objects d’art I couldn’t leave there as well as a lovely pink beaded medallion necklace made with tiny seed beads — you know the kind I don’t use any more because I can’t see well enough to use them — for an absolute steal of a price.  If it’s open today, I’ll go back and get the one with an American eagle on it.  The woman had just put them in the case that day, saying that they were from the estate of a very well-known, recently deceased Native-American woman from Neah Bay.  She had donated many things to Habitat for Humanity.  I tell you, some of the things in that store are amazingly priced, especially the furniture.  There are tables that people would give hundreds of dollars for in California that are on sale here for only a hundred dollars.  

Of course, I need no furniture, but if I ever lived near here, would go hastily to that store for my stuff.

Ok.  Going now.  Will most likely stop in Kala Point for a last breakfast at the Dream City Market and Cafe.  Looking forward to that.  Then on to Sequim, where I will find my little house and do my laundry, and even pack some stuff to send home.  That will be the fun part, realizing that my load will be much lighter on the way back.  Might even send stuff around Wednesday (to my son to be sure someone is there to receive it) and lighten the load even more!

I like things like that.

Here are some details of a piece called ‘competition’.

And more….. the piece is about 2.5′ x 3′.  The portions here are 7-8″ swatches.

I may even show the whole piece one day.

On my way.  Hope your day is to your liking.

Later……….. from Sequim.

on my way…

November 28, 2009

Going to Port Townsend to a holiday art and craft show.  There, I’ll meet Linea Pay of Wild Womyn Pottery. We’ve been in contact since March.  I’ll go to her studio next week some time to see how things work, and to talk about living locally.

Found a photo of one of my pots from earlier this year.  I love the colors of the glaze.  I was trying to replicate a smaller seed pot I made earlier, using some low fire clay and glazes that gave it a rustic look. The large pot took a long time to make, and an even longer time to glaze.  Here is the pot while being glazed:

By the way, the piece is about 18″ across at the widest, and 15″ tall.

Honestly, I liked it like this, but went ahead and completed it.  I’ll send a photo of the finished product when I get home and take a photo!

It is definitely time to go.  After 10:30am.  Gone.



what a nap!

November 27, 2009

Ahhh!  Made it back to my HQ this afternoon at 4pm after a wonderful drive back to this side of the Puget Sound.  Left the Seattle area about noon thirty, and turned left at the light!  Choice was to turn right and go back to the ferry and sit in the car for 30 minutes, or go left and take an adventure through a couple of small towns and do the Tacoma/Bremerton/Hood Canal Bridge approach to HQ.  It took a bit longer, but the weather was spectacular — temperature in the low 50s.  Another heat wave.

I took photos as I drove, smiled at the sun (hmmm…. is this some sort of sun love I don’t know of?), and didn’t care how long the drove took, as long as the views didn’t disappoint.  Found the views of Tacoma simply stunning.  Did I say that?  I stopped for a quick bite of food (after some delicious oats for breakfast–would make my mom gag!) a trip to the local ATM, and back to the road.  The sun was still out, causing amazingly beautiful cloud formations.  

When I got to 3N, and maybe 10 miles from the Hood Canal Bridge, the considerable traffic drew to a halt. After close to 30 minutes of stop and go movement, I snapped a few photos out the windows of the car with the telephoto lens, getting the little fern on the side of the road, the gorgeous leafless apple tree with masses of apples both on and off the tree.  Took them without glasses, so they could be big blurs!

Lots of locals turned around at various places and presumably took back roads.  I enjoyed the view of the big white truck in front of me.  One of those stop and smell the roses moments, for sure.  Thirty minutes over, the traffic resumed the usual zoom up to the 50mph speed limit in this area.  I tuned left on at the Hood Canal Bridge, and took the first right after the bridge.  Oops.  I knew a right turn was coming, but didn’t realize it was another 5 or so miles down the road.  So, I drove for a while down Paradise Bay Road, and finally turned around when I realized that darkness was approaching.  I wanted to go to the QFC and get some snacks so that I didn’t have to go out to dinner.  Got some apple waldorf salad, a few pieces of roasted winter squash, blueberries, orange juice and a packet of instant cocoa.  Walked through the door of HQ just after 4pm.  

Very happily entered my room, and found the fireplace on and the temperature amenable.  What a crew!  A very thoughtful thing to do.

Had some food.  I realize that what I bought sounds like a lot, but I had only a couple of bites of winter squash, some apple salad, a sip of orange juice and something else that I can’t remember right now. 

Then came the nap.  Ah, the nap.  Pulled back the covers of the bed, stacked the pillows and fell into a welcoming spot.  Intended to snore for about an hour, but didn’t wake up until nearly 8pm.  Yikes!

Oh yes, QFC is a local market chain.  Acronymically speaking, it is Quality Food Centers.  Like other stores with nothing special.  

The day before I went across the water for Turkey Day, I went to the Mt. Townsend Creamery for some cheeses, a little salami, and a few other choice things thrown in to take to my friends’ place.  The choices were a hit!  Lots of “mmm” and “yummy” going on.

So with an early nap, another few bites of food, some writing, some tv, a hot drink, and thoughts of that comfy bed return to my life.

It’s now 11:37pm.  Up since 6am with a nap.  I guess it’s ok to think of sleep again.  Going to look at rental places around the outlying areas of Sacramento.  For fun?  For reality?  

Bed.  No needles to fabric today.


Thanksgiving in Washington….

November 26, 2009

Well, here I am, surrealistically in Washington for Thanksgiving. My work has not stopped in my brain, just my bead embellishments.  I am liking being with friends, old and new, and lovely to be in their new home.  I return to the west side of the peninsula tomorrow to continue on the project, after which I will go to Sequim and stay there from Sunday afternoon until next Saturday morning.  More on that later.

Truly thinking about this state…. the warmth, the cold, the cost, the proximity to all I know.  Perhaps northern California will be my destination.  I no longer know why I must be away.  The one thing that is perfectly clear is that I am totally uncertain.

Did a little beading just now after everyone went to bed.  Soothes the savage beast.